DC Trucking has provided top quality service to each of our valued customers. Whether it's time sensitive or not same day service or a hot shot load, we will deliver On Time and Safe Every Time.

Our expert customer service staff and professional drivers are ready to serve you every hour of every day.

Our trucks run 24/7/365,  DC Trucking fleet of cars, mini vans, pick ups, cargo vans and straight trucks and flat bed trucks and trailers ready to deliver anything ranging up to 22,000lbs, including legal documents, medical documents, medical supplies, prescriptions, office supplies, spare parts, electrical supplies, plumbing supplies, household furniture, electrical equipments, electronics equipments, floral arrangements, medical specimens, Our flatbed trucks can haul 22,000 lbs or whatever you may need delivered we also do Hotshot loads.

We believe our years of service in the courier and delivery also freight industry, has given us the knowledge and experience to respond to all your questions and service requests.
Call us today at (503) 391-9040 or Toll free 1-866-385-7849 Trucks Ext 2